Thursday, October 14, 2010

Silverman's Farm

Since Connecticut is where Serrano was born and raised, he's been sharing his childhood memories with me. I've seen baby pictures, high school portraits, and the schools he attended. He also showed me one place in particular he has fond memories of, which is Silverman's Farm in Easton, Connecticut. 

There's an apple orchard that you can pick apples from, and they used to have an apple cider press on the premises. Serrano told me that he loved to watch the apples get pressed into fresh cider, and then he and his brother would drink it out of little cups. Unfortunately, Connecticut state laws now mandate that the cider has to be pasteurized before it can be distributed, so the press isn't there anymore.

But what they lacked in apple cider they definitely made up for in pumpkins.

They have a pumpkin patch on the farm, so Silverman's is a major spot for people to pick up their pumpkins for Halloween. I wasn't really complaining; I love pumpkins so much I decorated the entry way to my house last year with about five of them.

They also sold spaghetti and acorn squash, along with different types of gourds. I saw corn husks everywhere, although I wasn't sure if you could buy that or not. Many houses I've seen so far have corn husks on their entry ways, which made me feel like I was on the set of Children of the Corn, but it is a charming and inventive way to decorate.

There's a petting zoo across the street, but now they charge an entry fee, so we decided not to go in. But it was nice to be out in the country and see more of the landscape. Since Connecticut didn't get much rain this year, the leaves are not their usual vibrant, fiery kaleidoscope of oranges and reds, but we did get to see some  color in the leaves. It may not seem like much, but if you're from California, any color beyond brown is exciting.

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