Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gluten Free Vodka

There is some conflicting information in the gluten free world about the gluten content in distilled alcohol. Some say that it does not have gluten, while others say that it does. I say, why push it? I have made an effort to purge the elements from my diet that can leaving me groaning in the fetal position for an hour, and there is no good reason to consume something that can have that effect on me again.It may seem a little too meticulous, but when I avoid anything that has made contact with a grain, both my body and I are much happier.

Therefore, my quest for safe food has led to me to find safe drinks. Other liquors such as rum and tequila are naturally fine for us to consume, but I'm more of a vodka drinker. It's a family trait--my grandmother didn't let strokes keep her from enjoying a vodka gimlet. Most are made from grains, but not all. Sadly, not everyone carries gluten free vodkas, but you can always enjoy a cocktail at home. However, you can always request that your favorite watering hole start to include your new favorite vodka.

Here is a list of the vodkas that I could find, and each has the link to their own website.

Grape Based Vodka

Potato Based Vodka

Once you have found your favorites, then you just have to make your favorite drink. I have ADD when it comes to cocktails, so I will be adding cocktail recipes to my repertoire. My favorite drink of all time is vodka with Fanta lemon (or any lemon soda, not be confused with lemon-lime soda), but good luck finding it in this country. Apparently Americans don't like lemon soda, but the rest of the world does. But my second favorite drink is vodka and lemonade. Here is my recipe for it. 

Vodka Lemonade 
Newman's Own Lemonade
Ciroc Vodka (or any other gluten free vodka)
Frozen Cranberries

Mix desired amounts of lemonade and vodka together in a glass. Stir well, then add frozen cranberries. These are aesthetically pleasing, and they keep the drink cold without diluting it. Enjoy! 

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Anonymous said...

You should try Ion Vodka. It is gluten free (made from all natural corn), 10 times filtered, and electrolyte enhanced.

Coming from someone with Celiac Disease, it doesn't affect me at all and it's very smooth.