Friday, February 5, 2010

Garlic Toast

If you're like me and need something to cut your pasta dishes with, garlic bread is a traditional standby. Sadly, the rolls of garlic bread wrapped in aluminum foil from the grocery store aren't an option any more. My alternative isn't exactly the same, but it's still yummy and simple.

Take a few pieces of your favorite gluten free bread (mine is Udi's) and toast them until they are done to your liking. Then spread your favorite butter alternative (mine is Original Earth Balance Natural Buttery Spread) on top. There is always a small jar of chopped garlic in our refrigerator, but if you don't use that, you can also simply mince a few cloves of garlic. Spread small amounts of the minced or chopped garlic into the butter (unless you like it really garlicky). Then shred a few pieces of parsley on top of the butter and garlic. Serve and enjoy!

I prefer this method to traditional garlic bread, since you usually end up eating less bread than you normally might. I didn't have parsley when I made mine, so I used cilantro instead, and it worked just fine. If you want, feel free to add more parsley than I did (you can tell from the pictures), since it will give the bread more flavor.

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