Monday, September 26, 2011

Back For More

My Dear Readers,

I'm sorry I've been gone for so long. This year I had the challenge of realizing my limitations all over again, only this time it wasn't just problems with digesting, but also with cooking. In February my boyfriend Serrano and I moved in together in Costa Mesa. We started hanging out with his best friend (also our neighbor), who would be a perfect contestant for Master Chef. After watching simple things he did to make a basic meal so much better, I realized I'm not a cook.

When I started this blog, I thought I was better at creating recipes and coming up with new ideas than I really am. I realized I'm great at following instructions, and when I have a recipe down I'll play with flavors and spices to make it a bit better. But honestly, that's pretty much the extent of my cooking creativity. To make matters worse, I have a serious problem figuring out what I want to eat most of the time.

Another issue I was faced with were finances. Simply eating gluten free can get expensive, but experimenting with gluten free products can get exorbitant. Suddenly I wasn't sure what to write about, what to focus on. Then I started to work through some emotional problems, and found that my digestive system was slowly improving.

I started eating gluten again and watched what happened. The best part was that I no longer doubled over from the abdominal pain that felt like I had eaten broken glass. I did experience gas, but after a point I was in such dire financial straits I couldn't afford to eat gluten free anyway. I realized that dairy doesn't give me anywhere near the same problems it used to. Sometimes I can get gas from it, but I try to limit my intake.

Unfortunately, the gas from the gluten wasn't going away, and it was starting to become a problem. Serrano's brother Poblano came to visit, and he suggested I keep blogging, but just write about healthy living. This seemed like a pretty obvious concept, but the idea didn't hit me until he suggested it. Part of me was embarrassed about having such low funds and not being a creative genius in the kitchen, but I also knew that I can't be the only one in this position. Not all of us are chefs. We're surviving through a bad economy and trying our best to fuel ourselves while gluten intolerance and Celiac disease are on the rise.

I'm not embarrassed anymore. I have limited funds but a healthy appetite. I never know what to make for dinner. I would rather eat healthy than have junk food. I want to feel good inside again.

If you can relate or have similar problems, let's explore this together. Email me if you have questions or want help coming up with dinner ideas. I'm looking forward to sharing ideas, cooking tips, and experiences with you. Let's start this journey again.


Kajora Lovely

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