Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Orange Juice and Sprite Walk Into A Bar . . .

And they created a drink! I go in on Thursday for a colonoscopy and endoscopy to finally attempt to discover exactly what is wrong with my digestive system. I have suffered from stomach problems and illnesses since I was about six years old, but so far the only conclusive diagnosis I have been given is that I might have IBS.

Last December I went gluten and dairy free, and I noticed positive results within four days. I was tested for celiac disease, but my results came back negative. Since then I've visited urgent care after a week of digestive issues, and I've tried taking a few different medications to cure my stomach pains. On top of that, the outside of my stomach, liver, and gallbladder are all sensitive to the touch. Only Serrano can tell you how many times I've yelled at him for accidentally resting his arm on my stomach because it hurts that much.

I actually haven't blogged in a while because Serrano's health has also not been that great lately. He had two wisdom teeth pulled last week, but a nerve was irritated and he developed an infection, so his mother Habanera and I have been trying to take care of him for the past five days. He's been in a lot of pain and we spend five hours in the emergency room on Saturday, and his new dentist has told him to get through it the best he can, since there's nothing they can do to help him at this point. Needless to say, Habanera and I are worried and not too happy with his old dentist.

However, tonight is my last night before I begin to rid my body of all of its consumed contents, so I have a new recipe to share with you: my new favorite cocktail. I got the idea for this a few months ago when my pregnant friend Curry ordered a mix of Sprite, orange juice, and a dash of cranberry juice to have a creative but non-alcoholic drink. Since then, I have been drinking glasses of half Sprite, half orange juice. It's a good drink during the day time, but the alcoholic version is even better at night time, especially as the weather begins to get warmer. If you prefer 7Up to Sprite, I recommend to try it, but I personally prefer the taste of Sprite in this drink.

The Spritely Screwdriver
Gluten Free Vodka (my favorite is still Ciroc)
Orange Juice
Ice Cubes

Fill a tall glass with a few ice cubes. Pour about 3/4 of an inch (or more, if you prefer) of your favorite gluten free vodka into the glass. Next, fill halfway with orange juice and continue to fill the glass with Sprite. Stir and mix further to your liking. Enjoy!

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