Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gluten Free Beer Tasting

Last month, I visited the Whole Foods in Tustin, which is amazingly gigantic. My boyfriend Serrano and I first went right before Valentine's Day, since Whole Foods is the only store where he could purchase all of the ingredients to make me a Valentine's Day picnic. I wanted to buy regular staples, so we went to the store together but split up so that way my picnic meal would still be a surprise.

Since Serrano knew how much I've missed beer after going gluten free, he scoped out the beer section first. I must have come right after him, since the guy who helped me acted as if a lot of people had been asking him about gluten free beer that day. He pointed out a few beers, and between what I bought and what Serrano bought, I got to try all of them! (When Serrano looked into my shopping basket he did get mad, though. I told him he still got brownie points for thinking of it and buying the beer for me.)

While I consulted with the employee who helped me, he told me that if I could get about 6 or 7 other celiacs together, he could plan a tasting of gluten free beer. If you live nearby in Southern California and are interested, please let me know, and I will set it up. I would love to meet fellow celiacs in this area and help other celiacs support each other. Feel free to post a comment or email me at spicelovely@gmail.com.

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